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Organic Juice is here

Lenis succo BIO PNGFrom today Leni’s apple juice is also organic. The new organic version of the 100% apple juice is made exclusively using organic apples from South Tyrol which have ripened in the sun and been picked when perfectly mature.

Free of preservatives, colourings and added sugar, like all Leni’s products, the new organic apple juice will delight all those that prefer organic ingredients, guaranteeing a top quality product.
The excellence of Leni’s organic apple juice is also certified by the “Qualità Südtirol” brand which is only assigned to superior quality products from South Tyrol.

The Leni’s brand has always denoted healthy, tasty and wholesome products. Now the increasingly large numbers of organic produce exponents can enjoy all the freshness of Leni’s juices while staying true to their decision to support farming methods with low environmental impact.
The organic juice, obtained from unfiltered concentrate in order to maintain all the flavour of the apples, is available in the elegant new 750 ml glass bottle format.