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Elderberry and Ginger: the two new Leni’s juice flavours

Leni’s 100% apple juice is enriched with two new flavours: Apple & Ginger and Apple & Elderberry, a pair of flavours that exalt the flavour of the apple in a fresh and original way.

Leni’s Apple & Ginger juice is a fresh and intriguing combination that marries the sweet flavour of apple with the slightly pungent notes of ginger to produce a thirst quenching and energising drink.

Meanwhile, the more traditional Apple & Elderberry combination is a completely natural drink with that extra touch of flavour that comes from the typical notes of the white flowers. Much loved in Trentino-Alto Adige, where all of Leni’s raw materials come from, these flavours can now be enjoyed all over Italy.

The new Leni’s juices are available in the two 1-litre and 250 ml formats: a practical, tasty and 100% natural drink.