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Leni’s products compete for the Food prize

Slices of apple, washed, cut and ready to eat, together with Leni's full range of products processed from apples, are among the 171 candidates for the Food prize, awarded by the trade magazine of the same name to promote the food & beverage innovations launched over the past two years.

Wholesome and natural. Leni’s products all follow the same philosophy: to pack the flavour and quality of South Tyrolean apples into new attractive products to eat and drink. In addition to apple slices, in the practical 80 gram packet, the range includes 100% not-from-concentrate apple juice and pure apple mousse in a glass jar.

The Food prize candidates have been examined by a panel of sector experts and assessed by the leading large scale distribution companies. The winning products will be announced in the course of the first Food Match, the conference dedicated to the food processing and distribution industry, which is to be held on 18 September at the Hotel Magna Pars of Milan, via Tortona 15.

Leni's will be attending the event with its own speciality stand at which participants will have the opportunity to sample the products.