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Leni's new Apple Mousse at Fruit Logistica

Another success for Leni's at Fruit Logistica, the major fruit sector trade show in Berlin, held this year from 5-7 February. During this event, the brand of apple processing specialists attracted a great deal of attention with its latest novelty: a 100% apple mousse.

Leni's mousse comes in small 150g glass jars and is composed only of pure apple pulp from apples grown in South Tyrol, with the sole addition of a tiny quantity of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) to preserve the contents.

This new product attracted a great deal of attention from sector operators and media present at the show, and was given generous amounts of space in articles in leading sector websites such as Freshplaza and Italiafruit.

Leni's mousse goes to enrich the brand's already variegated offer, which includes 100% apple juices and packs of ready-to-eat washed apple slices.